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Being the playball of Internet miscreants and people who abuse the networked knowledge society of today is simply not an option for the Agency. Together with the entire ESA user community, the ESACERT is there to counter the challenge of protecting ESA's infrastructure, services and data.

In the past, the Agency has made tremendous efforts to raise the level of its Information Systems Security to the level of where it is today. However, the number and scope of security incidents increases dramatically. ESA counters these threats and has set up an ESA Computer and Communications Emergency Response Team : The "ESACERT".

The ESACERT services are grouped into three main categories which are:

Security Communications Services. These services provide assistance and information to help prepare, protect, and secure ESA community systems in anticipation of attacks, problems, or events. Performance of these services will directly reduce the number of incidents in the future.

Incident Related Services. Incident related services respond to requests for assistance, reports of incidents from the community and any threats or attacks against ESA systems. The service may be initiated by third-party notification such as a report of a compromised host, wide-spreading malicious code, software vulnerability, or an alert identified by an intrusion detection or logging system.

Proactive Security Services. Proactive services improve the infrastructure and security processes of the ESA information systems environment before any incident or event occurs or is detected. The main goals are to avoid incidents and to reduce their impact and scope when they do occur. ESACERT expertise can provide insight to help improve the overall security of the organization and identify risks, threats, and system weaknesses. These services are generally proactive but contribute indirectly to reducing the number of incidents.

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